“AMAZING…MIRACLE WORKER…GODSEND…Those are just a few of the words we would use to describe Geri. I don’t know what we would have done without her knowledge, resources, attention to detail, and unflagging energy! She emptied (donated, sold, junked, shipped, etc.) an entire 8-bedroom house (four levels + detached garage) of goods acquired over 60 years so that we could sell our parents’ home. She let nothing stand in her way to get the job done fast and meticulously. Plus she is fun to work with!!!”

– Jenny & Mark Ling

“I’m so happy I could cry”

– TG, Moorestown NJ (after one three hour session!)

“Geri has saved me countless hours by insuring I am properly organized. She knows the right questions to ask…her skill set is outstanding and she is a pleasure to work with”

– LC, Boca Raton, FL

“GCF Organizing has brought peace and happiness to our home. We are now organized and on time for events and appointments! Hiring GCF organizing has been the BEST gift for my entire family!”

– MM, Moorestown, NJ

“Geri’s vision and expertise quickly and efficiently tackled what seemed to be insurmountable projects. Her tips and suggestions help me to maintain the systems she has implemented in my home. A true professional that organized my home and my life!”

– DS, Moorestown, NJ

“Working with Geri over the past several months has been life changing. Through her non-judgemental, practical tips, Geri teaches you organizational systems and techniques that work for you and your particular lifestyle, allowing you to maintain these systems on your own. This has provided much order in our busy life by having a logical place for everything, and an organizational s ystem that saves time in the long run. You have to see it for yourself; you’ll be happy you did!”

– RS, Moorestown, NJ

“Geri provided the guidance to plunge through an overwhelming collection of children’s and parents’ belongings and household paperwork. She motivates one to be able to let go.”

– FDW, Bala Cynwyd, PA

“Geri is a real treasure. She’s an organizational wizard; patient and calm with an empathetic yet strong and compassionate way of communicating. Her people skills are outstanding, she’s direct and clear with a good sense of humor! She can do anything she sets her mind to. You’ll love working with her!”

– Claudia Schmidt, Clinton, NJ

“I am impressed with Geri’s organizational ability and her conscientious attention to detail while keeping sight of the big picture. Without ever losing her patience or her sense of humor, she constantly moved us toward our goal. I have never worked with anyone who had such outstanding management talent. Geri is a joy to work with and I recommend her services most highly.”

– Bev Miller, Auburn NY

Before and After Photos:


Here are some courses I attended at the recent 2017 National Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference”:

  • Leadership 101
  • Bridging the ADHD Spousal Communication Gap Through Organizing
  • Organizing Dead People
  • Leaders Inspiring Leaders: A Business Success Roundtable
  • Corporate Organizing and Productivity
  • Smart Space Design
  • What are Your Favorite Lies?
  • Leveraging Client Modalities, Strengths, and Insights

Member of National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 2010; Attended NAPO Annual Conference: 2012, 2013

Courses and Workshops completed include:

  • Time Management Tools for Chronically Disorganized Teens
  • Boredom’s Impact on ADHD and Productivity
  • Technology Solutions for Happier Clients
  • Using Technology to Increase Productivity
  • Maximize Productivity for Business Clients
  • Ethics for Professional Organizers and Productivity Specialists
  • Fundamental Organizing Principles
  • Chronic Disorganization
  • Getting Clients Unstuck
  • Organizing: Eye Toward Re-design
  • Groundbreaking Methods: Challenging Situations
  • Advanced Financial Organizing for Seniors
  • Understanding the Causes, Consequences and Cures for Procrastination
  • Tech Skills Every Organizer Should Know
  • Organizing the ADHD brain
  • Organizers’ Favorite Things